Protective Face Masks

3D Protection and Unlimited Design

With its anti-bacterial feature and fabric technology that provides 3-layer protection, Luno Protective Masks not only protect you and your loved ones against harmful elements (dust, virus, allergens, etc.) from outside, but also turn into an eye-pleasing accessory with their stylish designs.

Antibacterial Products

Polyester fiber has very low dehumidification capacity like polypropylene fiber. For this reason, it does not allow bacteria, fungi and mold growth on it. However, pes is suitable for making antibacterial and anti viral finishing processes. In this respect, it is more advantageous than polypropylene. Our products are anti-bacterial and biocidal. We can share our TURKAK approved test reports if requested.

Practical And Reusable Products

After daily use with our washable(by hand or in the washing machine) and reusable fabric mask, you
can continue to protect not only yourself but also nature.
There is no deterioration in the product form after washing.
Can be ironed.


Our protective mask is made of recyclable material. Does not need to be trashed like disposable
masks and in this way it does not create an additional burden on nature.
Can sustain in line with our production principles, our products are
produced in accordance with the purposes.

3D Structure

There is an air gap in the middle layer of our 3 dimensional interlock fabric. This air gap seriously
prevents air and particle transfer. For this reason, although they are porous like other mask surfaces,
the air gap in the middle layer acts as an air cushion against transitions and helps prevent air and
liquid transfer. For this reason, it is an ideal material for mask fabrics.

Extra Features

– Products with Aloe Vera
– Products with lavender, rose, strawberry, etc.
-Vitamin C microcapsule technology
-Cool Max cooling effect

Unlimited Designs

You can use our protective masks either as an indispensable accessory with our personalized designs or as a corporate product that you can make for your company and your customers.



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